Visit by Sarah Spooner and John Gregory of the UEA

On Friday October the 18th we were able to enjoy a day with Sarah and John, revisiting some of our paths and discussing some of our research findings. Both said they had enjoyed visiting the paths and were able to confirm some of our findings and add their own knowledge to help us
During our visit to the Record Office, where we had studied the Enclosure Map and Award, we discovered that the present road through the village does not follow the route laid out by the Commissioners. The designated route remains a green lane. We had hoped to be able to shed some light on the reasons, but so far there is no evidence as to why the ruling was not followed. We have come to the conclusion (supposition only) that it was simply down to common usage; there having been several dwellings in the area of the villagers preferred route. Although unable to answer our question, Sarah and John were able to tell us what to look out for in documents which might help. .
Another puzzle is the origins of some earthworks in the same area. Although the archaeological unit at Gressenhall is aware of this feature, they can offer no answer as to what the earthworks were. Being able to be ‘on the ground’ and see the surrounding landscape for themselves Sarah and John were also intrigued. The site was clearly of some importance at one time because all the routes in that area avoid it, despite creating twists and turns in the roads.
Sarah and John expressed the opinion, from all we had found in terms of tree sizes, species, layout of the paths, buildings nearby, etc, that this was an area of paths with medieval origins. Were the earthworks the original site of Thompson Hall?
After a very useful and enjoyable day we agreed that, despite a few answers, we seemed to have ended up with even more questions! We were given several useful pointers as to where we can ‘tidy up’ our research and what to focus on. At least we don’t feel we have been heading in totally the wrong direction so to speak.
Thanks Sarah and John – I am sure we will be in touch many times before the project closes.