About Us

Hall Lane We are a group of people keen to learn more about the wonderful network of footpaths in our village. The ancient Peddars Way forms part of our parish boundary, while the much more recently created Great Eastern Pingo Trail also runs through our parish. There are a number of other paths of varying lengths to enjoy and we hope to learn more about the origins of these.

Thompson is a small Breckland village with a superb mediaeval church which was endowed as a Collegiate Church in 1350.  The remains of the College building in which the priests lived, survive as part of College Farm, now a popular B&B.  There is also a lovely thatched 17th centuiry pub, The Chequers, and we are lucky enough to still have our village school. Thompson is popular with walkers because it is off the beaten track and it is possible to walk for some distance without the hindrance of traffic.

The name Thompson stems from Tumi’s Tun.  Tumi is an old Danish personal name and tun is Old English for an enclosure or homestead. Over the centuries the pronunciation has been corrupted through several versions to become Thompson.

if you have any information on our footpaths or memories of using them in the past then please contact us.