Footpath survey data

During April 2014 we recorded four individual footpaths in detail, using UEA School of History’s pro-forma sheets. Results are attached below; we have also supplied the data to School of History for inclusion in their own Norfolk footpaths GIS application.

Within constraints of person-power and time, we have only been able to record a small number of paths in this manner. We intend to cover a number of others later in the spring and summer.

The paths we have chosen are all of clear historical and archaeological interest. Also, all of them lie in or around areas on the outskirts of Reepham that are currently threatened by development proposals coming forward in the context of Broadland District Council’s Local Development Framework. One of our aims in choosing them is to draw attention to the likely impact of estate-type housing development on the paths themselves and their surroundings.

Each path was walked and notes made and photographs taken at numerous point of interest. Each observation was identified using a 5-figure grid reference recorded using a hand-held GPS device. The photographs included in the documents below represent only a small selection of those taken during the work, and we would be happy to share further detailed information with researchers in future if that would help.

Fieldwork recording data – Reepham Cawston Road

Fieldwork recording data – Reepham Broomhill Lane

Fieldwork recording data – Reepham Back Lane

Fieldwork recording data – Reepham Park Lane