Creative writing workshop, 23 March

On Sunday 23 March a group of us assembled at Broomhill, on the beautiful western outskirts of Reepham, to take part in a creative writing workshop led by noted Norfolk poet Caroline Gilfillan.

Writing workshop at BroomhillCaroline suggested many different ways in which a writer might choose to look at roads, paths and tracks, and the countryside through which they pass. She also put participants through a number of simple ‘exercises’ intended to help let go of self-critical inhibitions that deter many of us from writing. Soon she had us writing acrostics and haiku, focusing not necessarily on the bigger picture of a historic landscape but also on significant details which might catch our attention.

We followed this with a short walk (led by the Connecting Threads team) along nearby Back Lane. This historic path (also one subject of our detailed archaeological and ecological recording) is fertile ground for the imagination as it was once an important route that has become somehow ‘cut off’ from the main road and track network by construction of a nearby railway. An enormous pollarded oak standing next to it gave us all food for thought.

Writing workshop at BroomhillMany thanks to Caroline for her generous encouragement and for providing such a stimulating morning. When we ran out of time, we felt that we were just beginning to explore things properly!