Surveying on a Summer Sunday

The beautiful summer weather on Sunday 7th July was ideal for a survey of FP15, the path leading from Horning Church to the top of Waterworks Lane, which leads down to Horning Old Staithe. We started from the Church Car Park and noted the field to our right where once a Bronze¬† Age barrow stood proudly on the high ground. We noted the course of the path and how it differed from the route on the 1840 Tithe Map of Horning (NRO DN TA 368). We noted the position of the trees, Annie pacing the distance between them and noting bramble patches where we suspected missing trees once stood. Later when Annie compared¬†our record to early maps our suspicions were confirmed that two trees had been felled. Measuring the girth of oaks trees was no mean feat with the challenges of differing heights between the field side and the path side, and the clouds of pollen from the grasses – not to mention the myriad tiny flies, always on the west flank in the sunshine. Our trees fell short of four metres circumference but nevertheless we recorded them. Insects were gloriously arrayed on umbillifer blossoms and bees buzzed in the brambles. We took our time watching and photographing any that stayed still long enough. Here is the most intriguing one — a moth. But can you identify it?