Our changing landscape

Visualising the changing landscape of Horning over the period of time since the founding of  St Benet’s Abbey is quite a challenge. Today I was sent a link to a new video which explains how changes in the coastal area at the mouth of the River Yare affected a wide area of land surrounding the rivers in what is now the Norfolk Broads.  From the video we gain an understanding of the reason for the watery and marshy landscape which existed in the early days of St Benet’s Abbey. If you pause the video at 58 seconds and look at the northern rivers, you can see that the site of the abbey is depicted clearly as an island. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kce_Uu5Rb-8
Boats were the main means of travel until comparatively recent times and footpaths to staithes, or quays, are a key feature of Horning to this day.
The video can also be viewed on the Broads Authority’s website  http://www.enjoythebroads.com/discover/videos/great-estuary-story