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Beachamwell Footpaths: Spring and Summer
A video by Jayne Frost including oral history recordings on the soundtrack

3.50  ” … we walked all day ..” Childhood memories of playing in and around the village.
6.50  “That got closed off..” Discussing access to Green Drove

From Greenway Corner to Searchlight Drove
This video by Karen Bridge features a soundtrack of local residents recalling the origin of the name ‘Searchlight Drove”

Shingham Chapel to Deadman’s Plantation
Showing some of the Breckland wild flowers to be seen on local paths. Video by Karen Bridge.

The woods of Beachamwell
Includes a visit to the Cowell Stone – an ancient boundary marker. Video by Karen Bridge.


Throughout the Connecting Threads project a group of local people have taken photographs which both record local footpaths and the surrounding countryside, and also aim to capture the atmosphere and mood of particular places.
View photos here

In February 2014 people were asked to view the photos on Flickr and vote for their favourites. There was a selection criteria given so as to achieve a cross section of different images and the 20 photos chosen were printed and framed for exhibition at the Walking Weekend festival. We are pleased that the Beachamwell Memorial Hall agreed to purchase the pictures which will now remain on permanent display in the village hall.

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