Next steps

As the Connecting Threads project comes to a close in Beachamwell we look back on a year during which we have learned –  and shared – a great deal about our local paths. Perhaps just as important has been the impact on community spirit in the village. Thanks to this project we have had the chance to work together, generate ideas, share expertise and learn new skills. The results, as seen at the Beachamwell Walking Weekend, probably surprised us all in terms of the response – not just the numbers of people turning out to walk and visit, but also the amount of praise for the variety and quality of the programme on offer.

Buoyed up by this success we now look to the future, and we are hoping that one of the main legacies of Connecting Threads will be the formation of a Beachamwell Local History Group to follow up the historical research into footpaths, which has thrown up so many other questions to explore. The Wednesday Walkers will continue their m